Does Kong forward headers to upstream-url?

I am trying to trigger a call from Postman with set of header values. But, I see that the upstream url is not receiving the header values. I am new to kong, can anyone help me on this? Thank you.


Kong is a transparent proxy, and as such, should forward all headers to the upstream, with the exception of Hop-by-hop headers of course. You can also ready more about this behaviour in the Proxy Guide, specifically this mention:

All the other request headers are forwarded as-is by Kong.

Ultimately, we would obviously need a concrete example of the behaviour you are observing to be able to help you. That means a verbose example request and response with and without Kong in the middle, the behaviour you think should be happening, and how you think what you are seeing is diverging from it.

Hi, Thanks for the help. I am actually calling kong from postman using the “Crumb” token in header. The upstream url is Jenkins Job in kong. This call fails saying the crumb is invalid. But, the same call works well with Curl command. I dont know if this is CORS issue from Jenkins or the headers passage issue. Curl works fine for the same call.