Unable to trigger Jenkins Job through Kong

It sends an error "Error 403 No valid crumb was included in the request " even after passing the crumb token. I guess the headers are not getting passed through kong. Am I missing something? Please help.

Can you post your raw http request and which relevant headers? Hard to decipher much so far. Sounds more like a Jenkins integration problem so far as opposed to a Kong issue currently.

Thanks for responding. I have attached the image. I felt that the header value isnt forwarded to Jenkins.

So in my use of Kong its a 100% transparent proxy, does not drop headers unless directed to. I have a test for you. Point your proxy to a backend server you host that will ECHO back the headers it receives in a request, or spin up a localhost instance of kong and back-end api service. I think you will be able to with 100% certainty validate if its Kong not passing or your crumb is just not valid.

I have already tried calling Jenkins job from Postman with crumb. It is successfully invoking the job. But, when I call it via Kong, I get this invalid crumb issue. Either Kong isnt passing the headers or I am missing some plugin in Jenkins.

You may care to review Kong purging some headers! - perhaps Kong is stripping the header because nginx considers it invalid?