Kong ingress controller issue on minikube

Hi, I have just started with Kong(and kubernetes too), so facing some issues.

My starting point:
I have a service deployed on kubernetes in production. I need to configure kong gateway for it for authentication purposes.

My efforts so far:
So my understanding is that I need to go for Kong-ingress-Controller(not Kong API gateway) as service I need to secure is running in kubernetes. Please correct me if I am wrong.

With this in mind, I am following this.
For local testing, I am doing all on minikube.
So I have ran the configuration file(dbless one), I can see kong resources created. Then I create ingress resource.
But I observe that when I check details of ingress, ADDRESS is empty.
This seems to be causing issue. Issue is that host seems to be mapped correctly, but every call to my endpoints fetch same response(consisting of some metadata).
So on google search, I found that I need to enable ingress first.

minikube addons enable ingress

But this is causing further issues. It goes on forever , and eventually fails with errors. Seems pulling nginx ingress image is stuck.

Please provide your inputs.