Kong Ingress Controller 0.8 released

We are happy to announce the release of Kong for Kubernetes 0.8!
This release broadens the support to a variety of new workloads and simplifies permission and configuration management.

Notable capabilities of this release include:

  • Knative Support - Knative is a Kubernetes-based platform that allows you to run serverless workloads on top of Kubernetes. We are now adding support for Knative ingress, in addition to our existing support for Kubernetes, which provides Kubernetes / Knative users with a consistent and single pane of glass view of traffic across all types of workloads. Furthermore, you can apply plugins for authentication, caching, traffic shaping and transformation to Knative serverless functions to keep Knative services lean and focused on the business logic.
  • TCP/TLS Routing - So far we have been supporting HTTP and gRPC. We are now adding support for TCP via CRD TCPIngress, which allows Kong to connect to most other applications out there such as databases or legacy systems. Furthermore, Kong now also supports secure TLS-encrypted TCP streams
  • Cluster-level Policy Control - You can now easily apply policies at cluster-level and share the consistent configuration across namespaces. You can also apply role-based access so that the ops team can control configurations for plugins such as authentication and traffic shaping, while the service teams can only consume the plugin
  • Improved Annotations - Simplify configuration with a new annotations group

You can get started with Kong for Kubernetes 0.8 by following our guide here or reading the launch blog. For a complete list of features and updates, take a look at the full changelog.

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