Kong for Kubernetes 0.7 released

We are thrilled to announce the availability of Kong for Kubernetes (formerly known as Kong Ingress Controller) version 0.7. With this release, each and every features of the Open-Source Kong Gateway can now be used natively configured through Kubernetes resources.

Some of the new features in 0.7 release include:

  • Encrypted credentials- API access credentials can now be stored in encrypted form inside the Kubernetes datastore using the secret resource to provide encryption at rest for sensitive credentials

  • Mutual authentication using mTLS - The connection between Kong for Kubernetes and Kubernetes services can now be encrypted and authenticated using mTLS to further lock down access to services. This feature can be enabled for all the services in Kubernetes or on a case-by-case basis

  • Native gRPC routing - gRPC traffic can now be routed via Kong for Kubernetes natively with support for method-based routing. As requests are flowing now you gain observability and logging for your gRPC traffic.

You can get started with Kong for Kubernetes using the free lab environment or by reading the launch blog. For more details of all the features included in the release please have a look at the changelog.