Kong 2.0 with k8s ingress 0.7

I’ve been looking to deploy Kong API Gateway on our k8s cluster. While looking at latest release 0.7 version of the ingress deployment (https://github.com/Kong/kubernetes-ingress-controller/blob/0.7.x/deploy/manifests/base/kong-ingress-dbless.yaml), I see that it’s using kong 1.4 image by default, rather than 2.0.
Is that the recommended version of Kong Gateway for 0.7, or the expectation is for people to use kustomize on their own and update the install as needed (i.e. switch to 2.0, add replicas etc)?

We released 0.8 today and updated the Kong image tag to 2.0. You can also use Kong 2.0 with controller 0.7.

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