Kong Enterprise workspace not available after applying license

I am trying to apply my Kong Enterprise license to my Gateway instance, but I am experiencing an issue with creating workspace not showing up in the Kong UI. Here is what I have done so far:

  • Installed Kong Enterprise using the instructions in the documentation
  • Applied the license using the Admin API, with a POST request to http://localhost:8001/licenses
  • Received a 201 response, indicating that the license was applied successfully

However, when I visit the Kong UI, there is no option to create a workspace. I have double-checked that my license is valid and also I have been able to GET my license using the license API reference I have followed the instructions correctly, but I am still experiencing this issue. Can you help me troubleshoot this problem and get my Kong Enterprise workspace set up correctly?
although while I check the log of kong at the location
cat /<usr/local/kong>/logs/error.log
read_license_info(): [license-helpers] could not decode license JSON: No license found, context: init_worker_by_lua*

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