Kong Enterprise workspace not available after applying license

I am trying to apply my Kong Enterprise license to my Gateway instance, but I am experiencing an issue with creating workspace not showing up in the Kong UI. Here is what I have done so far:

  • Installed Kong Enterprise using the instructions in the documentation
  • Applied the license using the Admin API, with a POST request to http://localhost:8001/licenses
  • Received a 201 response, indicating that the license was applied successfully

However, when I visit the Kong UI, there is no option to create a workspace. I have double-checked that my license is valid and also I have been able to GET my license using the license API reference I have followed the instructions correctly, but I am still experiencing this issue. Can you help me troubleshoot this problem and get my Kong Enterprise workspace set up correctly?
although while I check the log of kong at the location
cat /<usr/local/kong>/logs/error.log
read_license_info(): [license-helpers] could not decode license JSON: No license found, context: init_worker_by_lua*

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Hi @Rohan_Kumar_Jangid ,

Based on the error description you mentioned above, it seems that CP is not deploying the license file into DP nodes. Hence, you are getting this error.

Admin API license deployment method is best suitable for Kong Hybrid mode. If you are using Kong in Hybrid mode, you can use above method.

If you are using traditional database backed mode, you can either copy the license.json file to /etc/kong/license.json location on each node or set the environment variables.

For complete documentation, you can refer below link:

Hi @Sachin_Ghumbre
thanks for looking out for this
But basically, I tried every possible way to deploy the license but the key thing is in kong.conf
there is an admin_listen section that is set to localhost by default

#admin_listen = reuseport backlog=16384, http2 ssl reuseport backlog=16384

and that’s why kong is not able to make communication with the admin_api

if I change this to :
it works
for a test, we can try this as well <>:80001

However, it’s important to note that setting the admin_listen section to can be a security risk because it allows all incoming connections to access the admin API. Therefore, it’s recommended to use your IP address instead to limit access to the admin API to your machine only.

Hi @Rohan_Kumar_Jangid - can you try traditional database backed mode way and see if this works for you?