Integrating existing Kubernetes cluster already deployed in AWS with Kong Konnect

Just wanted to let you know we are new and need your help.
We have already setup Kong API gateway with DB along with 2 microservices using Kubernetes ingress and already deployed in AWS environment. We can access Kong Manager to update service details. What we need help is, now we wanted to use the Kong Konnect to attach these 2 environments so that we can use Kong Konnect to access Dev Portal, generate nice API specs and so on.
Has anyone done such a work and if yes, what steps you have followed.
We have check the AWS marketplace and tried to get the Kong Konnect but it is asking to register account which we can but question is how we can then link that to our existing deployed and working Kubernetes cluster? The runtime environment and all the services are already setup and running.

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One Approach is, since Kong Konnect has its own DB, your mode of deployment has to be migrated. You can create new instances using Konnect runtime planes and use the existing Kong instance deck dump file to import those APIs here. Finally you can perform a cutover.

Not sure if there is any process to tag existing data planes to Konnect, cause it would required a TLS cert to be configured for connectivity. Once you login to Konnect you can find options.

Thank you for your quick response. I appreciate your help and support. I am new to the Kong and need some help. Do you think you can guide me and share any documentation which can help me moving into the direction that you have suggested.
So far I have found this. Let me know is this the option you are suggesting?

Import Kong Gateway Entities into Konnect | Kong Docs (