How to install Kong on Amazon EKS with AWS Fargate and RDS? is it possible?

I’m trying to deploy Kong on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) using AWS Fargate for container orchestration. However, I’m encountering some challenges with this setup, and I’m looking for guidance on the steps and best practices to make it work.

Specifically, I’m interested in:

  1. Installing Kong on the EKS cluster.
  2. Configuring Kong to work effectively within the Fargate setup.
  3. Any necessary network and security configurations.

I’ve already created an EKS cluster with Fargate profiles, but I’m unsure how to proceed with deploying Kong and ensuring it works correctly.

Could someone provide a step-by-step guide or point me to resources and best practices for deploying Kong on EKS with Fargate, along with any tips to make the setup secure and performant?

@Nasil_Kp - Since EKS is just another K8s cluster you can use helm charts to deploy your gateway. But since you are using Fargate, you cannot run DB on it.

For DB, I see you have mentioned RDS - for EKS cluster to connect and authenticate with RDS you need to create an IAM role as per documentation. On your helm chart values you will provide the values of Postgres in env params for your RDS db with url and credentials.

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