Import plugins from 0.14.1 version into 1.0.3 issues

Now we are using kong v0.14.1. we have planned to upgrade 1.0.3 in new server. Once server setup we move the service, routes, plugins and consumer into latest version buy using konga snapshot. services, routes and consumers are updated. But the plugins having following error “schema violation (route_id: unknown field)”. we can’t import any one help me how to fix this issues?


I am not very familiar with konga, but I created cli utility for doing the same:

Plugins import is supported there. You can use it for plugins only: do the export, delete all section except plugins and run import on new service.

As per the upgrade document plugins DAO schema was changed 1.0.3. So I think can’t able to db sync from old db into new db. But I have more than 1000 plugins configuration in 0.14.1 old server and how to move to new 1.0.3 server. This problem was fixed in CLI import option? It’s fixed happy to use this

I think it should work. Could you please give me several problem plugin snippets configs, so I will test on my end?