Custom plugin : Not getting enabled on 1.x.x version


I am trying to enable plugin in latest version of kong which was working fine in 0.14 version but cant see custom plugin in enabled plugin list

Are there new steps to enable plugin in new version?

I am following steps:

luarocks make *.rockspec

set environment

export KONG_PLUGINS=“bundled,rbac”
kong migrations up

kong reload -vv

Not 100% answer to your question but… I am working on converting a 0.14 plugin as well. The Schema format in plugin Schema.lua has changed, there is also a legacy plugin schema conversion code, but the fact that that has TODO: 's in it doesnt make me very confident that it can handle all cases.

There’s a routine called convert_legacy_schema in plugins.lua

So that is 1 thing I know is different. Also some lua libraries that were deprecated have been removed but it’s kind of trial and error until getting something that works.

Hi Thanks for your inputs
Can you please let me know how to use convert_legacy_schema to generate new schema from old schema .

I am actually seeing a similar behavior when trying this out in K8S. Here is an issue I opened in the github tutorial I followed to add custom plugins. Did you mange to resolve your problem and if so do you mind sharing?