Hybrid mode admin API access


I’m trying to setup KIC in hybrid mode where some data plane nodes are outside of control plane k8s cluster. Data plane node local to the control plane connects to CONTROLLER_KONG_ADMIN_URL fine as long as it is set to Kong admin service URL (https://<svc_url>:8444). I have exposed admin API externally and secured it with auth plugin and I can connect to it over the Internet with curl and correct credentials with no problems. However, if I set CONTROLLER_KONG_ADMIN_URL and CONTROLLER_KONG_ADMIN_HEADER on data node external k8s cluster the data node fails to start with level=info msg="retry 1 to fetch metadata from kong: 403 Forbidden {\n \"message\":\"Forbidden\"\n}" error.

Any help would be appreciated.

This is an interesting deployment however you seem to be confusing a few terminologies or worse concepts.

Are you referring to hybrid mode of Kong or do you simply want to run proxy nodes outside the k8s cluster?

Yeah, I think I was (still am to a certain extent) confused by some of the deployment options. I thought of having a KIC deployment with a single control plane running in one k8s cluster and data planes running on external k8s clusters. Idea was to centralise consumers and credentials so I wouldn’t need to manage them separately for each k8s cluster. I can see now that it is not going to work and I need to have separate KIC per k8s cluster and managed shared entities in a different way.

Correct. You could consider using decK to manage consumers and credentials in all the clusters.

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