Kong hybrid mode with kong docker and kong Kubernetes ingress

Hi @hbagdi ,
Is it possible to install Kong hybrid mode with mix of 2 kong flavor installation for DP?

Control Plane - Kong GW (OSS) Docker
Data Plane 1 - Kong GW (OSS) Docker

Data Plane 2 - Kong for Kubernetes

Use case :
We have some applications running outside K8s as standalone docker containers and some applications running inside k8s.
And we want single API GW management to handle both k8s & non-k8s APIs. Any suggestion how it can be handled with kong?

It is supported. Check screenshot below.

On the left panel, I was running control plane with docker, on the right hand side the DP was deployed on my local k8s cluster as you can see from the hostname.

You just need to make sure cluster certificate you are using on control plane and data plane are the same (if you are using shared mode) and your k8s data plane can talk to your control plane.

@fomm Thank you for reply.
for you The kong DP installation on k8s is ‘kong for kubernetes (ingress)’ distribution Or regular ‘kong gateway’ container installation? as I see kong version 2.5 in screen shot so I believe its not ingress.
As I read somewhere in hybrid documentation we need same version of kong across CP & DP.

so I kind of wanted to know if we can have 2 DP with different kong distribution.
like -
1 DP (outside k8s) - Kong gateway (docker installation)
1 DP (inside k8s) - kong for Kubernetes (k8s installation)

Something like similar to this option but with Hybrid kong OSS installation

Hi Shubha,

as I see kong version 2.5 in screen shot so I believe its not ingress.

I am not sure what you mean it is not ingress. Both Control plane (on docker) and Data plane (on K8s) are running kong-2.5-ubuntu image.

As for different version in hybrid mode, kong 2.5 improves this part.

Please check official change log

Control Planes are now more lenient when checking Data Planes' compatibility in Hybrid mode. 
See the Version compatibility section of the Hybrid Mode guide for more information. #7488

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