Understanding kong for Kubernetes in DB-less and DB-backed mode

Below is my understanding about Kong for Kubernetes enterprise implementation in different modes. Please comment if it needs correction

1. Kong for Kubernetes Enterprise (DB less): Can be implemented only in Classic Embedded Mode. Distributed and Hybrid are not possible. It comes with Kong Ingress controller
2. Kong for Kubernetes Enterprise (DB backed): Can be implemented in classic embedded, distributed and Hybrid mode. It comes with/without Kong Ingress Controller

Also, as per Prerequisites, K8s cluster should be in place before we start deployment of kong on k8s. Assume I am setting up a hybrid environment where there are 2 CP and 3 DPs.
Does this mean that I have to create k8s cluster with 2 master nodes and 3 worker nodes ? here 2 CPs will be installed on 2 master nodes and 3 DPs will be installed on 3 Worker nodes. Is this correct understanding ?

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