Is Kong control plane is required if kong.yml is moved to configmap in kubernetes?


I am using kong 2.0 with db less mode in kubernetes.
I am running kong with contolr plane and dataplane. i moved my kong.yml configuration to configmap. so with our contorl plane i am able to access kong-ingress data plane.

Let me know is my approach is ok? or it is having any issues in future. with out control plane.

thanks in advance

There are a lot of terms in that small explanation and that makes it hard to understand what you are trying to do.

If you are not using Kong Ingress Controller, and are using the configmap to configure kong directly, then you don’t need the control plane.

Thanks for your reply.
sorry for not providing full info.

i am using kong version 2.0.1 db less in kubernetes. we will be using 2 pods for kong is control plane and data plane

pod/xxx-apigateway-control-plane-6f7f589b5-p7f7j 1/1 Running 0 19h
pod/xxx-apigateway-ingress-data-plane-7b8d58fdfd-xf65l 1/1 Running 0 19h

In this case control plane will take care of all configurations(kong.yml) update. ingress data plane will take route conifguration from control plane and process the requests .

currently we planned to move kong.yml file to k8 configmap. so i have tried removing the control plane and wanted to run only ingress dataplane. it is working as expected.(means dataplane took the cofiguration form configmap and routed properly)

Please let me know is my approach is correct?

Note: Here still i am using kong ingress data plane.

From what I understand, you are storing the configuration in a configmap, then mounting the file as a volume to pods of Kong, and then Kong pods are serving traffic. This seems to be the right way to handle this.