KONG Hybrid Mode deployment with helm

Hey Team,
I am trying to do a sample open source helm installation of kong as an hybrid deployment in two different kubernetes clusters.

Cluster 1 - Control Plane
Followed the steps here for hybrid installations -

After making necessary configuration changes for CP in values.yml & helm install i can see the kong pods are coming up . I have exposed my svc - kong-kong-cluster as a LoadBalancer

Cluster 2 - Data Plane.
Copied the contents of cluster.crt & cluster.key from CP /tmp and pasted these certs in /tmp folder of DP cluster & created k8s secret as earlier.

made necessary configurations required for DP role in values.yml -
disabled admin
role: data_plane
database: off
cluster_cert: /etc/secrets/kong-cluster-cert/tls.crt
cluster_cert_key: /etc/secrets/kong-cluster-cert/tls.key
lua_ssl_trusted_certificate: /etc/secrets/kong-cluster-cert/tls.crt
cluster_control_plane: LoadBalancer-IP-CP-kong-cluster-service:8005

On helm install i am getting this error -

Error: no objects visited
helm.go:75: [debug] no objects visited

Am i missing anything here…?
Is there any other required configurations for establishing connection between CP and DP between two cluster.

I also tried enabling enterprise and creating an empty licence k8s secret.
Same response as above.

Kindly help me out with the setup…

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