Custom plugin using admin API in hybrid mode

Hey everyone,

We’re currently in the middle of building out our Kong gateway instance and have a requirement where we need to uniquely attach our customers to Kong consumers in order to attach them to API usage plans (e.g. rate limiting). We’re achieving this by using a custom plugin we built that creates or retrieves dynamic consumers based on metadata in their Oauth JWTs. We are also hoping to use Kong’s hybrid mode for deployment.

My questions:

  • If we wanted to use Kong’s hybrid mode, is it bad practice to expose the Admin API from the control plane to the data plane so that we can create dynamic consumers? My understanding of hybrid mode is that if the control plane goes down, the data planes should have no issue running so I’m not sure if this would work for us.

  • Is there a better way of handling the dynamic identification of our API customers → consumers? We currently use the declarative config with Deck in order to deploy so using static consumers is not really an option for us.

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