Kong 2, hybrid mode and plugins compatibility

The documentation says that some plugins in the hybrid mode may not work. https://docs.konghq.com/2.0.x/hybrid-mode/#plugins-compatibility

It also says,

Authentication plugins can be used insofar as the set of credentials used is static and specified as part of the declarative configuration.

Does that mean, that I cannot deploy kong with auth plugins where credentials are dynamic in hybrid mode? If yes, then what data is fetched by the DP nodes from CP nodes in a hybrid deployment?

You can use auth plugins in hybrid mode. If you provision the credentials dynamically on CP nodes, they will be propagated to DP nodes.

thanks @hbagdi. Also, is it possible to migrate from non-hybrid mode to hybrid mode without downtime? What would be the steps for that?

It should be easily possible and I do have a solution in mind but I’d like @datong.sun to comment on it first.

@hbagdi Would love to hear what’s in your mind, while we wait for @datong.sun to respond. :slight_smile:

  1. Upgrade to 2.0 in non-hybrid mode.
  2. Keep running a few non-hybrid mode nodes; start a couple of CP nodes
  3. start DP nodes and connect them to the CP nodes
  4. switch/shift traffic
  5. decommission non-hybrid nodes.