How to upgrade kong from 0.11 to 0.12rc

hello, i’ve already download 0.12rc,but i dont’know how to upgrade ,who can help me please…
i’ve type make install ,and my version is 0.12.0rc1 .but when i type kong migrations up,the error message appears “Error: [postgres error] Error during migration 2017-10-27-134100_consistent_hashing_2: [postgres error] ERROR: column “healthchecks” does not exist (124)”

Upgrading is documented here

Hi @Cooper, I am using kong version 0.11 and want it upgrade incrementally to latest version. I have never done any up-gradation of kong before and the documentation is not very clear to me as I am not aware of terminology used. Please help me understanding and upgrading it.
As I understand following the below steps will work :

  1. Download the kong 0.12 in the separate VM from kong 0.11
  2. change configuration of 0.12 to point to same postgres
  3. run migrations up command.
  4. start kong 0.12 and stop kong 0.11

Repeat these steps until kong 0.14

Need your confirmation on my understanding. I am fine with small downtime.

I don’t have any specific advice for you other than our upgrade docs - if you find the doc to be unclear, please open an issue (or better yet, submit a PR to make the doc more clear!) - see

You’ll also find numerous other threads on upgrading here in Kong Nation

Thanks for reply @Cooper. I understand I can raise issue for unclear documentation. I wanted to know what I understood is correct. It would be great help if you could tell me whether the steps I mentioned in previous comment are correct or not. Thanks.