Migrations up yelling a wrong kong version which different from what I am using

Hi, I am using kong 1.3 and pg 9.2 and I am a new one to kong, I installed kong from a rpm package and followed the introduction for setting a kong API gateway, when I go to execute the command “kong migrations bootstrap” to create some table for database it just yelled an error like this
*/kong/cmd/utils/migrations.lua:38: Cannot bootstrap a non-empty database,upgrade to 0.14 first, and run ‘kong migrations up’ (absolute path for lua script was omitted)

Two things just wondering me for few days which first, what does this error message refered to? what does the meaning of “a non-empty databse”? Does this mean some table has been created in the object database? And second which is wired that the error message suggested me to “upgrade to 0.14 first”, but I am using kong which version is 1.3, what does the meaning of “0.14”, it just confusing me for days… :smiling_face_with_tear:

By the way, kong 1.3 seems to be only compatible with pg version 9.4 or later, so when I am trying to start kong, it throwed en error which expect a function named “to_regclass” and a table named “schema_migrations” was built in database, so I created the function and the table manually like this:

create table schema_migrations (id int, version varchar not null primary key, migrations varchar);

create or replace function to_regclass(relnm text) returns regclass as
v_oid regclass;
select oid into v_oid from pg_class where relname = relnm;
return v_oid;
$$ language plpgsql;

please help me with anywhere I go wrong… :cold_sweat:
thanks in advance.