Change from Nginx Ingress to Kong Ingress


  • We had install Kong in our Cluster. In the past, we were using Nginx Ingress for some services and now we want to slowly move to Kong Ingress.


  • Change ingress-class annotations from “nginx” to “kong”


  • Is that all we need to do if we want to use Kong Ingress ?

Thanks for reading

Basic functionality exposed by Ingress and Service alone will be handled more or less the same way as they were with the NGINX controller.

Ingress and Service are fairly limited, however, so most controllers have a significant amount of vendor-specific functionality that isn’t the same and requires new configuration.

What you need to configure will depend on what NGINX controller features were using. If you know of a particular annotation or similar that you’re not sure how to port over to Kong controller configuration, you can ask here and we can point you to the Kong equivalent.

Our reference documentation for Kong-specific annotations and CRDs covers most of the functionality we provide beyond what you can configure with standard Kubernetes resources alone:

Hi, sorry for the late reply. So we just gonna make 2 ingress, 1 for the old Nginx Ingress and 1 for Kong Ingress. But the problem is, every time I try to curl then I got response like this

  "message": "Invalid X-Tenant-ID or X-Tenant-Name is required", 
  "request_id": "2c4f627aca544ab08093324a57c7e330", 
  "trace_id": "cdfb4f2bdf9b7dfe866885dc41146fc8", 
  "transaction_id": "fd8bd973a039ad99"

I dont know what I’ve do wrong because all I do is just change the Ingress Controller Annotation to Kong with the same config like Nginx Ingress.
Thanks for reading

That doesn’t look like any response Kong would return itself; it’s likely coming from upstream. Did you previously have NGINX config adding this X-Tenant-ID header? You’d need to figure out what that configuration does and then try to replicate its behavior with a Kong plugin.

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