Accessing Kong manager (admin_gui_url)

I would like to create an ingress setting in kubernetes e.g.
to access Kong Manager. However I tried a few settings but all are not working.


Do anyone have a working example on how to setup the ingress for kong manager with path? is only used in listen configuration, where it is an alias for “bind to all addresses”. You will not be able to use it to access manager.

I would recommend enabling the Manager Ingress, which will make it accessible at the host/path you configure. Note that Manager must run at the root of a domain (you can run it at, but not, but you can run the admin API at a non-root path. Using the same hostname for both Manager and the admin API will simplify CORS and cookie-related configuration.

The chart will make a best effort attempt to set the location hint _url settings automatically when using the Ingresses, though in some configurations (usually only if you have another proxy in front of Kong’s) you may still need to set those manually.