Kong Manager with Ingress

Hi there,

I am running kong enterprise in k8s. I have a load balancer proxy service and ingress enabled for kong manager. I’m using the official helm chart to deploy kong enterprise and I have the manager service configured like so:

enabled: false
type: NodePort
enabled: true
path: /manager

This works great - I’m able to hit the manger service with a browser: https://$PROXY_IP/manager
Unfortunately, I get a blank page and inspection of the network tab shows that my manager service is not adding /manager to the path when pulling resources. For example, https://$PROXY_IP/fonts/Roboto-Bold.woff?v=2.137 should be https://$PROXY_IP/manager/fonts/Roboto-Bold.woff?v=2.137. This is one of MANY network calls that are failing. How do I configure the manager service so that it knows to prefix manager to the path?

You need to set KONG_ADMIN_GUI_URL

I did as you suggested, but that did not resolve the issue.

Please share your kong environment variable settings.

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