Kong Manager UI cannot connect to Admin API

I’ve deployed Kong to a k8s cluster (in Hybrid Mode) and it’s working correctly. Since the cluster resides in a VPC, I had to setup an additional haproxy which routes outside traffic to Kong, where I’ve created routing rules to Kong Manager UI - it is now available at a certain URL, e.g.: kong-manager.mydomain.com. I’m now able to open the Manager UI in my browser, however the console shows errors about connectivity to Kong Admin API - the Manager UI expects it to be at the same host, specifically at kong-manager.mydomain.com:8081, which is not the case.

I have two questions:

  1. Is possible to tell Kong Manager to talk to Admin API internally, i.e. through the k8s service? I don’t really want to expose Admin API to the outside world.
  2. If the above is not doable, how to tell Kong Manager to look for Admin API at e.g. kong-manager.mydomain.com/admin instead of kong-manager.mydomain.com:8081?

You need to set these environment variables to inform the API and GUI where the other lives:

The GUI cannot communicate to the admin API directly; the admin API must be accessible from your client machine. Absent Enterprise RBAC, I’d recommend isolating it in a private network and accessing it over a VPN: Securing the Admin API - v2.6.x | Kong Docs

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