Visual representation of current ingress configurations / objects


Is there a tool or a way to visually see all the kong ingress related objects in one place?
Something like konga used to do?

How do you quickly and easily see all the relationships and configurations?


Our official GUI is Kong Manager, which is available when using the free mode/unlicensed mode of the kong-gateway image.

You can configure it using charts/values.yaml at main · Kong/charts · GitHub when enterprise.enabled = true.

Konga should work fine as well–I’m unsure if it works properly in DB-less mode (Manager does, it’s just read-only), but it should, since all the read API calls work the same.

Neither of these shows relationships between Kubernetes objects, however, they show relationships between the generated Kong objects. There are some cases where those Kong objects are named to indicate their corresponding Kubernetes objects (e.g. services will have a name like namespace.k8sServiceName.port), but not all (e.g. plugins don’t, since they have no name).

We do not have any visualization tool that works purely off of Kubernetes objects.

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