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Admin API allows, in addition to setting the parameters, to find information about the associated services, routes and plugins. Using kongIngress in kubernetes is there a way to find information and represent it on a dashbord (eg konga)?

Dashboards will work with the Admin API as usual along with the ingress controller, but there are two important considerations:

  • Most example configuration for use with the controller disables the Admin API outside the Kong Pod. You will need to enable it, either by toggling admin.enabled in the Helm chart or by setting KONG_ADMIN_LISTEN= ssl, updating the ports section of your Deployment, and creating an Admin API Service resource if managing your manifests by other means.
  • The controller generally expects that it manages all configuration, and we recommend using dashboards to view configuration only. Controller-managed configuration and manually-added configuration can coexist if using a database, though I’d recommend reading over if you plan to do so (while geared towards the Kong Manager GUI we include with Kong Enterprise, the information in that section should apply to any GUI).