Validation in kubernetes version ^1.17

Hello Kong Community,

I was trying to install Kong 2.2(latest) in my AKS cluster using helm.

I am getting this error,

Error: unable to build kubernetes objects from release manifest: error validating "": error validating data: [ValidationError(Deployment.spec.template.spec.containers[1].livenessProbe): unknown field "enabled" in io.k8s.api.core.v1.Probe, ValidationError(Deployment.spec.template.spec.containers[1].readinessProbe): unknown field "enabled" in io.k8s.api.core.v1.Probe, ValidationError(Deployment.spec.template.spec.securityContext): unknown field "enabled" in io.k8s.api.core.v1.PodSecurityContext]

Please help me out here.

I also have the same issue. Can someone here please help?

@hbagdi Hi Harry, please guide me on this? Kubernetes version is 1.17.13

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