Synchronizing Configuration Changes Across Multiple Data Planes

Hello Team,

Happy to get into touch with KONG and KONG nation. We checked the Kong documentation and found these three deployment modes:
1.Traditional database mode(Database management required)
2.DB-less mode
3.Hybrid Topology mode(Database management required)

The DB-less mode looks very attractive, so we want to know is there anything that would is only supportive in the traditional Database full approach?
Because, by consulting Kong’s official documentation, it seems that except for some plugin incompatibilities (we can implement it by ourselves, right?) DB-less is almost as good (or even better?) than traditional mode.
Such synchronization configuration, although the DB-less mode does not have a natural mechanism for synchronization, but if we don’t often dynamically adjust configurations. We can also put them in the git repository and deploy them in batches only when needed.
So, if there is nothing critical that only the traditional database model can do, then the DB-less model is very attractive. But I’m not confident about this, May I get you kindly help to answer it? Thank you so much.

Best Regards,