Declarative config, services/routes only

I want to use the new declarative configuration format but I see that it is only supported in db-less mode. I also want to use it for services/routes only and leave consumers intact.

In my app I add each user to kong as a consumer along with a jwt token for authentication, so db-less mode isn’t really feasible as I would need to add every user to the config file and reload kong every time a new user is created.

I see that I can use the cli db_import to perform an initial configuration, but this is doesn’t allow me to update my set of services/routes without first deleting all.

Am I missing some obvious solution or Is this a strange use case?

Hi @eamonnmcevoy1,

This is not supported in Kong out of the box as of today.

There are open source tools developed by the community to manage Kong’s configuration.

Shameless plug:
decK (I’m the author) is one of them which can help you in your use case. You can skip syncing consumers as well via it so that you only manage routes and services and plugins.

Hi hbagdi. cool thanks for clarifying.

I started using decK yesterday, nice work :slight_smile: