Declarative config


We badly require a good declarative config tool, as we automate all Kong deployments across environments,

Kongfig (used it very happily) but its doesn’t support (services, routes…) - It did cater for all our requirements in the older versions of Kong

decK (I have to mention @hbagdi was very helpful ) - It doesn’t seem to support Consumer credentials, we require key-auth, jwt and basic auth - (I am not sure that credentials are not supported, have raised it as a question with @hbagdi hopefully he says they are supported :slight_smile:)
Plus it’s missing this feature - which is a must for a complete declarative configuration.

kong config - It has a kong config db_import - but doesn’t have an export - how are we supposed to guess the syntaxes. I normally create sample entities (services, routes, consumers, including all the plugins I require) and export - so I know what to script. Seems to be early days and again it seems to be an all in one file, tool.

Ansible - Finally I am thinking of using Ansible to script the whole thing.
It does give me complete freedom, but its going to take a long time to create something that’s production worthy, you know including error handling and so on. Are there scripts already available?

I know there are a few others like gongfig, but I am not too keen on json based declarations.

Can you please point to any others I might be missing or help with any of the above to make my migration to the newest versions of Kong easier.

Unfortunately, it is not yet supported but something that is on the roadmap:

This is definitely coming but until it is available, you should be able to write a quick simple script which takes in all the files in a directory, merges them to render a single file and feed that to decK or kong config.

DB export is certainly something that Kong will natively support and is on the radar. The multi-file feature can be solved using a quick script until it is supported out of the box with these tools.

Would you be able to give an approximate timeline of when this might be available. It’s quite a blocker.

Agreed, can easily be a script that merges them.

Again an approximate timeline of when this will be available would be good to know.
As you can understand not having complete documentation of yaml syntaxes supported and not having an export option, renders kong config unusable.

Please be patient and don’t cross post across external and internal channels as it creates communication overhead.

Please see my comment in response to your question: Feature request: add support for Consumer's credentials · Issue #12 · Kong/deck · GitHub

Apologies, you are right I did get a bit impatient as I was working towards a target and wasn’t sure which channel you would respond first. But I completely understand that it was unnecessary.

Update: landed in the master branch and will be available in the next release.