decK v0.5.0 released

decK is a declarative configuration tool to manage Kong’s configuration.
One can not only export or import Kong’s configuration but also perform drift detection using decK.

I’ve release a feature packed decK v0.5.0 which brings along some long-awaited features to decK.

Here are some feature highlights:

  • Support for Consumer credentials
    This long awaited feature is finally here.
    decK can now sync, diff and export the following entities related to the Consumer entity:
    • key-auth
    • basic-auth
    • hmac-auth
    • jwt
    • acl
  • Multiple state files
    decK can now read the configuration of Kong from multiple YAML files in a directory. You can organize Kong’s configuration into multiple files in any manner you’d like.
  • Upcoming Kong 1.3 is supported
  • Homebrew support
    macOS users can now install decK using Homebrew:
    brew tap hbagdi/deck
    brew install deck
  • Kong Enterprise only features:
    Workspaces are now natively supported in decK
    • -w/--workspace flag can be specified in the dump command to
      export configuration of a single workspace.
    • --all-workspaces flag in dump command will export all workspaces
      in Kong Enterprise. Each workspace lives in a separate state file.
    • diff and sync command now support workspaces via the _workspace
      attribute in the state file.

Checkout the changelog for a complete list of changes.

Download the binary , or use the Docker image and give it a spin today!

As usual, please feel free to open Github issues to ask questions or report bugs.



How can I use workspace flag with diff and sync command. Can you please provide an example. I want to export from one workspace , make some changes and then import into another workspace

@sid Please see: