decK v0.6.0 released

decK is a declarative configuration tool to manage Kong’s configuration.
One can not only export or import Kong’s configuration but also perform drift detection using decK.

I’ve release decK v0.6.0. v0.6 is a major rewrite of some of the core modules of decK and brings some long-awaited features with it.

Here are some highlights:

  • JSON format: state files can now be exported/ingested using JSON file format.
  • All plugins: plugins applied on a combination of entities (service, route, consumer) can now be managed by decK.
  • New validate command: The state file can now be validated using a JSON-schema
    using the new command to provide a sanity check for the file.
  • New --parallelism flag can now control the number of concurrent request against Kong’s Admin API.
  • IDs can now be included. decK can export ID of each entity using --with-id flag and IDs can also be used for diff/sync purpose.
  • decK does not run as root user in Docker setup now.
  • Service-less routes are now supported by decK.

Checkout the changelog for a complete list of changes.

Download the binary , or use the Docker image and give it a spin today!

You can also use Homebrew to install decK:

brew tap hbagdi/deck
brew install deck
# or upgrade your existing deck installation:
brew upgrade deck

As usual, please feel free to open Github issues to ask questions or report bugs.


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