Kong with K8s about data synchronize

Due to the large routing requirements, I need to use DB mode using Kong in k8s. How to ensure the data synchronization between multiple instances of Kong?
How do I synchronize data by working directly with KongAdminApi?

That is not a good reason to adopt DB mode.

For DB mode, you simply need to connect all Kong instances to the same database. That’s all that’s needed.

  • We have a huge number of routing requests and processing rules.
  • In my mind, I need to create a separate service for each external route and create KongIngress for each routing interface rule.

I understand that updates can be done by one kong instance, but how to ensure timely data synchronization of other kong instances?

To add another question, do you also need to use CRDS for data operation of Kong in DB mode under K8s?

As I said, this is not a good reason to adopt DB mode. Kong will cache every route in memory regardless of DB or DB-less mode.

That is automatic. Kong will take care of that.