Secure kong ingress controller

I am accessing kong ingres controller from azure api management, I have exposed my endpoint in kubernetes as a ingress rule but I do not want this endpoint to be completely public Can credentials or a token used to secure kong ingress controller and that I can only access from azure api management?
Thank you very much

Is Azure API management available inside a specific subnet?
Credentials are used for authentication and can be used for such a use-case.

I don’t know enough about Azure APIM, but you should consider using network level ACL type of a feature for such a use-case.

Thank you for your reply Hbagdi,
I have APIM outside the Kong network, so I have 2 public endpoints, one from APIM and another from Kong Ingress Controller. What I need is to secure Kong Ingress Controller so that it is not public and that it can only be accessed by APIM, for example with a username and password or a certificate and limit it to that it can only be accessed by the APIM IP address. Is this possible ?
Thank you very much.

Yes. You can use any of the auth plugins to achieve this.