Internal api calls

hi - we are looking to deploy kong on a private azure cloud - does anyone out there make internal api calls between internal applications via a call out to kong on cloud or would you make these internal api calls via an internal kong instance (or possibly point to point without an api gateway etc.)? any comments/opinions welcome - thanks

I have used Kong as and internal gateway just as much as I have used it for a public gateway. I would challenge you to ask what are you using the gateway for on an internal side of things as there may be another stack that would be better suited such as a service mesh (itsio) or service discovery (consul). Each tool has a use and if your use case facilitates policy enforcement and Kong fills those needs then use it, if it’s authentication and authorization for service to service communication then a mesh may be better, if it’s just resiliency and routing use a service discovery.

thanks Robert - that’s very helpful