Running tests in Vagrant - very slow - alternatives?

Hi there,

I have been struggling in setting up a Kong development environment using vagrant. Following the instructions at, I could eventually make it work, at least kind of. It is quite slow, and foremost the test suite takes forever.

I’m on a MBP with 8 GB of RAM and macOS 10.14, using the latest Vagrant and VirtualBox versions (installed today, Nov 12th 2018).

Are there some tricks to speed up the time spent running the tests? Unfortunately, I’m not a Lua or Busted specialist (even though it reminds me of mocha & co). Specifically:

  • Can I run just a subset of tests somehow? Using a filter or something? Is that supported?
  • Are there ways of e.g. running the entire environment natively on my Mac?
  • Would possibly running everything in a docker container speed up things? VirtualBox I/O is usually not brilliant, xhyve is usually a lot better.
  • Which OS are you at Kong using for local development? I do not think you are actually using vagrant, are you?

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Hi Martin,

I have been experiencing same pain and trying to get rid of Vagrant in the last few days. Check the thread: Setting up CI for a Kong Plugin project. Colin mentions an improvement using Docker Hub. I haven’t had the chance to check yet. Maybe it can help you.