How to setup parameters for performance testing

Hello All,

I am looking to test Kongs performance against a normal REST API. I am using Kong without a db with the following declarative settings to define my service:

 _format_version: "1.1"
 _transform: true

 - host: {{ upstream_host }}
   name: api
   port: {{ upstream.service.port }}
   protocol: http
   - name: api
     - /api
     strip_path: true

I noticed that Kong is not fully using the CPU power which significantly hinders performance.

I am using they hey library to do the tests and I am running this in AWS and using the private IPs for comms. There are no connectivity issues and I tested that what I am getting back is correct. Just slow…What am I missing?

Not sure if anyone else will run into the same issue but I was using the bitnami kong container and thats what caused the issues.