Running Kong on Istio kubernetes setup


Has anyone tried to run Kong on top of Istio and Kubernetes?
Currently installing kong using istioctl doesnt work at all.

Installing kong outside istio but on the same kubernetes cluster is possible but the routing to the microservices running inside istio is not working.
I am able to list services, routes on the kong admin endpoint.
Getting below error, when tried to reach the kong proxy where / has been mapped to a microservice running inside Istio:

http: error: ConnectionError: (‘Connection aborted.’, error(111, ‘Connection refused’)) while doing GET request to URL: http://localhost:30010/

Deployment Details:
Kong version 0.14.1
Istio v1.0.2
K8s v1.10.2


@hbagdi Any clues on how to fix this issue?

Have you made sure that Kong can resolve DNS and reach the IP of your microservice running inside Istio?
The error log seems to suggest that it is a connection problem.

hello @hbagdi, how to implementation with kong service mesh? are there any documentation for kong service mesh… thx

Hello @atio_qq,

Kong 1.0 is currently going through an RC phase, which is the first version of Kong that adds support for deploying Kong in a service mesh pattern. The documents are currently work in progress and we will share them once they are public. Stay tuned!

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