Reduce default timeout for API's

I am trying to reduce the default timeout for APIs within 30 sec.

Tried solution not working:

can anyone suggest possible ideas to explore, I am generally getting solutions to keep_timeout_alive for more than 60 secs.

I am still facing timeout issues for my system, I am trying to bring down the timeout to 30 sec but no luck for now but in the process have found some interesting articles and approaches. Hopes one works for you.
my approach might seem a bit more kong biased and this is because my search was more kong specific.


Approach 1

DNS Resolution can be taking time, switching to IP based can reduce the time taken


Approach 2

We used HTTP and HTTPS timeout and it didn’t work for us, refer to article no 2


Approach 3

We are currently using the kong framework and am modifying the default timeout and keepalive parameters but it doesn’t seem to work as well.
kong timeout and keepalive parameters in use


Approach 4

changing underlying nginx configuration

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