Out of Sync Runtime Instance and Configuration Issues

Hello Kong Support Team,

I am experiencing issues with the Kong Konnect Free version while trying to set up a runtime instance. Please refer to the following situation for details:

  1. I am using the Kong Konnect Free version before Enterprise.
  2. The runtime instance is not functioning due to an out-of-sync state during configuration.
  3. The hostname and version (3.2.2) are displayed, and the status is connected. However, the config hash value is 00000000000000000000000000000000.
  4. As I do not have an Enterprise license, I have installed the community version for the runtime environment.
  5. The server is a Red Hat 8 Enterprise running on a GCP VM.
  6. Due to policy constraints, I cannot directly call the server. Inbound calls follow this route: domain → WAF → load balancer → server.
  7. Only calls to port 443 are allowed.
  8. The runtime instance is set to hybrid mode with the following configuration:
  • role = data_plane
  • database = off
  • cluster_mtls = pki
  • cluster_control_plane = .konghq.com:443
  • cluster_server_name = .us.cp0.konghq.com
  • cluster_telemetry_endpoint = .us.tp0.konghq.com:443
  • cluster_telemetry_server_name = .us.tp0.konghq.com
  • cluster_cert =
  • cluster_cert_key =
  • lua_ssl_trusted_certificate = system
  • konnect_mode = on
  • vitals = off

I would appreciate any guidance or troubleshooting tips to resolve this issue. Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,