Konnect Runtime Instance compatibility status

I was working with the pre-function plugin to modify the request header key to the other. I wrote my Lua code in the config.functions option and it was working as expected. I was getting the desired outcome and the header was being appropriately modified.

After a couple of days, I opened the Konnect UI only to find that the runtime instance was giving a warning, I clicked to see the details about it and saw that the instance was in an incompatible state.
Upon further inspection, I found this error message.

I was able to resolve the issue with the help of the resolution message but the strange part is that I did not upgrade my instance, It was already using Kong version

  1. If I was making the wrong plugin configuration as the error message states then I should have seen this the first time I applied the plugin configuration.

  2. If such an error occurs then there should be a way for us to be notified to resolve quickly.