Only use KongIngress

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Why can’t we just use KongIngress for route forwarding? Kong for route forwarding also depends on the route and service in the memory of Kong. Why should we rely on the Ingress and service of K8S?

Ingress is an official Kubernetes standard, supported by all ingress controllers. However, the settings and rules it provides do not fully express all configuration options available in all proxies, so most controllers also augment it with additional vendor-specific settings: KongIngress and the annotations cover Kong configuration that doesn’t fit into the standard Ingress and Service specifications, such as selecting routes based on the request method.

There’s ongoing work to iterate on the Ingress spec and add new standard settings to address limitations that controller developers have found with the existing specification, so over time configuration will likely move from KongIngress to equivalent standard settings in Ingress.

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  • Thank you for your answers and look forward to the new features!