Kong and kong ingress

What is the difference between kong and kong ingress. With kong ingress, kong is no longer needed. Just like the relationship between nginx and nginx ingress.

Kong is a reverse proxy. Kong Ingress Controller consists of two components: Kong itself and a controller which works with k8s api-server and configures kong.

So, I don’t know if I understand it right or not. In the K8S environment, you only need to use kong ingress.
Are there any special functional differences between kong and kong ingress.
From the perspective of best practice, what are their respective usage scenarios in the production environment, as a beginner, I don’t quite understand.
Moreover, kong ingress does not need db, will there be any impact on storing their data in K8S?

@hbagdi Would you like to answer these questions above?

The feature set you get from Kong remains the same in either case. How you configure Kong is different in the two case. If you would like to use k8s manifests to configure Kong, use Kong Ingress.

If you are doing a greenfield setup in k8s, I’d advise to use Kong Ingress Controller as it hides some of the complexity of Kong and makes it operationally easy to run and upgrade Kong.

@hbagdi。 There is another scenario, that is, if I need to use istio, then I need to use istio ingress. How do you feel about this situation. Is it necessary to use istio ingress and kong instead of kong ingress at this time?

It depends on the features you need form the Ingress solution you adopt.
You can certainly use Kong Ingress and Istio mesh together.
Please do note that Kong doesn’t support Istio’s CRD, but it can work with Isito’s mesh without a problem.