Multi region key auth

Hello there!
I’m looking to make a multi-region (us, eu and asia) setup on aws using kong.
Basically the APIs “X”, “Y”, “Z” are deployed in each datacenter the same way with kong in front to manage api keys (consumers).
My main concern is that all the clusters need to share the same consumer list.
I have a few ideas on how to do that but as I never used Kong before, it’s still blurry.
My ideas so far are:

  • using a Aurora postgresql db with read replicas across regions
  • using hybrid mode

Is there a more conventional way of doing that? I must surely not be the first one wanting to do it but I haven’t found much help online.
Also I suppose hybrid mode is not working for kubernetes ingress and I was planning on using EKS

Thanks in advance for any help regarding this topic

It seems to be more reasonable to use Kong Hybrid Mode by having Control Plane and Data Plane

we use cassandra as DB which works nicely across multi-regions, obviously you can throw hybrid mode on top of that.

Is there a mandate to have hybrid mode enabled for a multi regional Kong in kubernetes? Or is it good as long as I have a highly available Postgress?

Cluster-region-1 → Kong-1 → Postgress1
Cluster-region-2 → Kong-2 → Postgress1

We have a requirement to have OAuth/API Key so with that being said we will not be able to have the hybrid mode. So I was wondering if there are any issues with this approach