Kubernetes & Kong multi region in Google


Been trying to create a Kong installation spanning multi regions in Google using Kubernetes.

Has anyone successfully for this to work? Am trying to get Cassandra replication working across regions.

Have created Kubernetes Kong clusters in europe-west1-b & us-east1-b.

Setting up cassandra in this environment is proving tricky.

Looking at documents online:

It appears for a multi region cluster such as this you need to use the endpoint snitch “GoogleCloudSnitch” for cassandra.

Documents I’ve read indicate you need to use a public IP for the broadcast_address and seeds in this setup.

Have got my cassandra yaml correctly using an external IP broadcast_address, and my cassandra instances in each region start up fine with nodestatus status showing UN in both instances using that external IP.

However when I try & add the other cluster as a seed using its external IP, I get the normal “encountered during startup: Unable to gossip with any seeds” error.

Does this mean I also have to open up port 7000 externally? Or is there some kubernetes magic that can be applied?

I haven’t been able to find any indication in the forums that anyone has been able to setup Kong with Cassandra using Kubernetes multi-region, so hopefully I’m wrong & someone can give me some guidance.


Hi @dazza - it sounds like your challenges are all about Cassandra, and not really about Kong - which makes it tricky for us Kong folks to help. Did you eventually get things working?

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