Migrate from DB to DB-less/declarative config


I am running a kong installation (currently 1.0.1) with a number of services, routes, plugins, etc. I would like to upgrade to 1.1 using DB-less/declarative config. But I would like to avoid to manually code every configuration I have done so far because this would be much work and rather error-prone.

Is there a good way of migration? E.g. a kong dump config command that reads the DB config and writes the corresponding new declarative config. This does not need to be fully perfect. A starting point for manually checking and adapting would be very helpful.

Any ideas? Thank you very much.

decK would be the ideal solution in this case: decK: declarative configuration for Kong

Yes. Using decK instead of the 1.1-declarative config would not have the problem. But that’s not what I’d prefer…

Doesn’t anybody else want to migration from kong DB to DB-less?

@dsteinkopf You can use deck dump to output a kong.yaml file, which will contain all your entities from Kong’s database.

The YAML file generated is compatible with Kong 1.1 declarative configuration file.

You simply have to add the following line at to the YAML file and everything should work:

_format_version: "1.1"
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Oh, sounds great. Thank you very much for making that clear. I’ll try that.

So deck is compatible to the Kong 1.1. decl. config file? (If yes: Maybe you should mention this fact in https://github.com/hbagdi/deck#compatibility)

@dsteinkopf PR Welcome!