Moving kong configuration from dev to prod cluster

If I create my apis in one environment how do we take those configurations from one environment to the other environments such as production. we are creating apis in development and want to move it via scripts to the other environments

please let me know how to do it

You can use kong config db_import CLI command to setup your DB.
If you are using Kong in db-less mode, you can simply manage this using a simple config file for Kong.

You can also use external tooling like decK to accomplish this.

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Thanks for your response appreciate it. Is deck tool matured enough to do the job in production? Also, does deck tool captures all objects from one environment to another. Does deck takes into account workspace as well?

I know that some of the community members do you use it heavily.
If it is any assurance, Kong’s Ingress Controller also uses decK for configuration management in Kong.

There are no known bugs in decK that I’m aware of (that doesn’t mean that there are no bugs in it).

It captures all the entities except credentials like basic-auth, key-auth in Kong.

decK will work with one workspace at a time. You can easily script it to backup and restore each workspace inside Kong Enterprise. decK is a community first tool but is compatible and extensible enough to work with Kong Enterprise as well.

thank you for your reply

Hello sir, you mentioned about using kong config db_import command in the post. can we use this command to move configuration from dev to uat? I am trying to compare this approach vs the deck approach. I find deck tool much nicer and user friendly

how will we generate the import file in the first place. In order to run db_import we need to create import file with all the configurations. Is there a way how to create the config file in the first place?

You can kong config init to generate a sample config file and then populate it with your configuration.

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thanks, can we put multiple services inside that one config file. I am assuming we can