May I add more custom plugins into KONG CE

Dear gents,

I have a plan to use Kong as API Gateways in my application. But I have a big concern when I looked at the Comparison Table between CE and EE, mentioned to “Custom Plugins”.

So I wanna know whether I could add more custom plugins into a Kong CE, or not? And Kong CE is ready in production, doesn’t it? Or only Kong EE?

Thanks in advances

Hi @moprit - I can certainly see how that feature table makes things confusing!

Yes indeed you can make and use custom plugins with any edition of Kong. And yes, many thousands of companies use Kong CE in production.

What that table is trying to say is that Kong (the company) will help you create custom plugins if you are a subscriber to Kong Enterprise Edition - that assistance and advice is part of what our talented Customer Success Engineers offer our customers.

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Perfect! Thanks Cooper for your explanation.