Writing your own plugins

very quick question.
Are you able to write your own plugins in all of Free, Plus and Enterprise as described here Plans & Pricing | Kong Inc.?

Yes, you can write your own custom plugin and import them to any of the version.


Yes @n999 you can. Kong OSS supports this. Use below link for the same. There is no separate documentation for Kong OSS and Enterprise versions, realistically there is no need to have it.

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lovely - thanks for that. We will be wanting to write plugins for the Plus version! :slight_smile:

Hi - just a follow up on this.

“Kong Gateway support for Python plugin development is provided by the kong-python-pdk library. The library provides a plugin server and Kong-specific functions to interface with Kong Gateway.”

Does the Plus offering support writing your plugin in python?



Based on my understanding anything custom developed by customer will not have support from Kong. Check with their Professional Services team for details.

Hi thanks for your response.
My question was if you could write your plugins in python using the kong-python-pdk library in the Plus offering.

Yes, plugins are not specific to any Licenses.