How to enable custom plugin in kong ingress

i am not able to work custom plugin in kong ingress however the same plugin is working with kong API gateway
but whenver i tried to use in ingress as resource kongplugin and in ingress having some error like below

creating a Kong plugin {{{ } { 0 0001-01-01 00:00:00 +0000 UTC map[] map[] [] nil [] } [] 0 0} jwt-extract map[uri_param_names:[jwt] claims_to_include:[.*] continue_on_error:false] false 240857b0-4968-4f8e-b75f-3d713a9e931b } in service fde7ed7d-2ee3-489f-8069-30f85b984dde: json: cannot unmarshal string into Go struct field Plugin.config of type v1.Configuration


We will need more information from you to debug this.

Custom plugins work out of the box with Ingress controller.
Could you please share the KongPlugin custom resource which you’re trying to create?
A sample plugin config of your custom plugin would also help.

hello @hbagdi
thank you for the response. its some config mistake from my side .it is working now

@nithinkd What was the config mistake? What did you do to fix this issue?

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